Shades of Wade

Session #1 - A Mysterious Introduction

Rumble w/ Bearspiders

The session began with the player characters entering the basement of an inn in Neverwinter. There they met the man that sent for them, named Telven. Telven says he knows of the character’s past and secrets, and says that they have been chosen to perform a special mission for him. But first, he wants the party to prove they are capable of such mission.

Telven tasked the group (Z, Salleek, Dijkstra, Seraphina, Phyrra and Lothar) to take care of a mad wizard located in Cragmaw Castle. The group agrees to the quest and sets off for the castle.

As the group makes their way through Neverwinter, they are stopped by a mysterious man that goes by the name of Xeos. Xeos warns the group that Telven should not be trusted. He tells the group that he will be staying at the Hammershield Inn in Neverwinter if we wish to learn more.

The party is a little confused by Xeos’s intentions and carry on with Telven’s mission. When the group reaches the outer gate of Neverwinter, they meet two ‘men’ by the names of Sildar Hallwinter and Salleek. The introduce themselves to the party and say the they are part of an organization called the Silver Swords. They say that they are in need of adventures to help regain their base of operations because it has been overrun by goblins and orcs. The party tells the two men that they are currently busy with Telven’s quest. Salleek makes a deal with the party. He says he will help the party kill the mad wizard if they help him with the goblins. The party agrees, and the 6 head off for Cragmaw Castle.

The group is 2 days walk from Cragmaw Castle when they are surprised by a group of 6 bearspiders. The group was able to kill the bearspiders with relative ease. Seraphina taking the worst of what the bearspiders had to offer.

The session ended with the group finishing the last leg of the journey to Cragmaw Castle.



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